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“This is when I really started to love figure skating,” Pelletier says.

It was hard living in Edmonton and having people do this,” she says, cupping her hand over her mouth as though she is whispering a secret. But I feel like being angry or bitter takes work.” Salé and Simpson are currently ambassadors for two different organizations.

But now, the energy Salé carries with her is the same exuberance that once graced the ice — a genuine joy that colours most days. He is the owner and vice-president of sales and marketing of Simmer Fine Wine and Spirits, a liquor agency serving western Canada.

But his attitude changed when he began pairs skating, which involved a whole new set of challenges that he started to enjoy.

And when he was paired with Salé, that’s when things really fell into place.

Their performance to “Love Story” was so flawless that, upon seeing the lower-than-expected scores, even one of the announcers stammered: “How did that happen?