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""You mean things like 'Oh my gosh, Dolph is so hot and dreamy and I want to marry him'? "Not necessarily those words, but something about me. I was trying to be nice about it." He says, laughing. "He looks out of the corner of his eye to see John smirking.

" Dolph asks, looking John right in the eye."Yeah, go ahead.""Does AJ ever…" He begins, but stops, as if debating with himself whether to go on, then finally says, "Does AJ ever talk about me? Vickie was the same person off-screen as she was on-screen; a woman who yells a lot and screams, "EXCUSE ME! Since Vickie talked so loud, and John was closer to the bathroom, Dolph could hear the whole conversation."What took you so long? "Vickie's like that sometimes.""Or all the time." AJ says, smirking."True.

No one backstage really hated each other, except for two people: AJ and Vickie.

Since they hated each other so much, and he was always with Vickie, Dolph never got to even talk to AJ unless they were in the ring and he was being slapped.

Dolph, however, rarely came for advice; he felt he knew everything there was to know, and never asked for advice."Can I ask you something? While on-screen Dolph and Vickie were practically dating (although she never admits it), off-screen, they couldn't stand each other. "We never got a chance to talk earlier.""Yeah, sorry about that." He says.