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"I knew hundreds of guys with tattoos that said 'South Jersey.Only the strong survive.' "Willis has been written about almost ceaselessly since 1984, when he pulled off a Hollywood newcomer fantasy and beat out 3,000 actors for a starring role in "Moonlighting," a huge television hit with Cybill Shepherd.

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In it, Willis is an aging boxer named Butch, who risks his life to scam a bullying underworld boss paying him to throw a fight.

Willis plays the character as a wily stoic who is just barely suppressing his fury and terror.

We know because Bruce Willis doesn't read newspapers, or magazines or tabloids or anything else with a date on it, for that matter.

It's not that Willis dislikes the printed word -- he's fond of novels and history books and he plows through plenty of screenplays. Forget it."I don't watch it on TV either," he says quietly, as he twirls a spoon around a cup of coffee.

Some of these were hugely successful ("Look Who's Talking," in which he provided the voice of a talking baby), others bombed ("Hudson Hawk," which was flayed by critics and ignored by the public).