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The plate motion model derived by (2001) reported a number of plateau/isochron ages for both rocks and mineral separates from the BTIP. BM67 and 64 (Ben More lavas) were said to yield plateau ages of 58.66 ± 0.25 Ma and 58.19 ± 0.26 Ma, respectively, although many step ages obviously do not overlap in each case.

These authors used these “ages” for defining the time of initiation and duration of flood-basalt volcanism in this province and to refine details (cryptochrons) of the geomagnetic polarity time scale from ~ 60 – 55 Ma. The MSWD ~ 26 and ~ 18, yield ( 2001), that the statistically significant mean value is 58.19 ± 0.26 Ma?

The plateau age of 100.00 Ma, with a standard error on the mean: of ± 0.22 Ma is found to be unacceptable, with p ~ 0.003 ( lie between ~ 99 and 101

However, its exact value, and equally important its error estimate, cannot be stated with statistical confidence.

When other age spectra show steps deviating markedly from each other value would be ~ 0.41, making the plateau age (100.00 ± 0.45 Ma) acceptable as a crystallization value.