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Chanel Graham worked two jobs to put herself through college, but six years after graduating she is still struggling to make ends meet.

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In a country where the mandatory two-year military service for all males is a big deal, the suggestion that celebrity recruits have been enjoying preferential treatment has created a fierce nationwide backlash.

Keeping Busy, there are many charities that welcome volunteers.

Thinner Pam ( House Call ) Pam was a recurring character in season 1, but got upgraded to main character in season.

From unauthorized dates to drunken massage parlor trips, some of South Korea's biggest K-Pop stars have been giving the military a bad name - and now the top brass has had enough.

Without one, bills, debts, and morning lattes can quickly add up and send your cash up in smoke.


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    As shown in the Table below, there is a wide range of risks that can be cut in half.

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    The prostate can be stimulated anally and often provides men with a very intense orgasmic experience. This is because you only have control over the first two inches of your anal sphincter. Unfortunately there has not been a lot of clinical research with regard to this particular topic.