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Nosy-Pants is probably the closest version we have.

As to your second question, my copy of Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins (Hendrickson, p380) first lists Matthew Parker, but then continues: "But other candidates have been proposed.

But I believe that it was virtually unknown in Corpus Christi, Houston, Austin, and Weimar, Texas—the places where I lived or visited frequently—during the 1960s and 1970s. The above expression was in common use in early Victorian days, as applied to persons showing a strong tendency to interfere with other people's business.

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"Nosey Parker" was also the title of a song by Herbert Campbell. Sandwich on 30th June, 1797, for leading the Sheerness Mutiny of that year Could you find another reference for the song "Nosey Parker" dated 1899?

Many sources such as the 27 April 1899 To-day explain: Richard Parker, who so pushed his nose into things that should not have concerned him, that he was hanged from the yardarm of H. I found a reference to a song sung by "Happy Tom Parker" dated 1913 He did have a signature tune written for him by songwriters Will Hyde composer and John L.

She was born in Ontario in the 1890s (her father had immigrated to Canada from Sutherland, Scotland, and her mother's family from somewhere in Germany a decade or more before she was born) but had immigrated to Texas in her late teens or early twenties—certainly by 1920.

I doubt that many other kids in Texas in the 1960s were on the receiving end of "Nosy Parker."@Dave Ph D: Yep.

Abnormally endowed with the inquisitorial and critical diathesis and prominent features, she early evinced an unquenchable interest in the intimate affairs of others that rendered her a person of consideration among an extensive if unwilling acquaintance.


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    This is one reason why we should be cautious about locating this Gospel in Galilee.

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