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According to Mahmoud, the medical staff in the Hadasa Hospital in Jerusalem informed him that his son would never see the light again.Saleh remains in the ICU and he still needs several operationsto treat fractures sustained in the skull.However, according to a preliminary report, Israel Police suspect suicide, and claim no signs of violence were found on Ramouni.

Ramouni was supposed to begin his scheduled 57 route at P. M., another driver found his body hanging in the center of the bus from a thin cord.

Relatives of the deceased took photos of his body that they claim show signs of violence.

Sponge rounds are made from high-density plastic with a foam-rubber head, and are fired from grenade launchers.

Israeli police have been using them in Israel and occupied East Jerusalem since the use of rubber-coated metal bullets was prohibited, but protocol explicitly prohibits firing them at the upper body. ID=739922 Palestinian child loses sight by Israeli bullet Middle East Monitor 15 Nov — Saleh Mahmoud, an 11-year old Palestinian from the Jerusalem village of Al-‘Issawiyeh lost his sight after he was targeted by an Israeli soldier on Thursday.

https:// Clashes in Jerusalem spurred by rumors of Palestinian bus driver’s ‘lynching’ Haaretz 17 Nov by Nir Hasson — Clashes broke out in East Jerusalem overnight after the body of a 32-year-old Palestinian Egged bus driver was found hanged in a bus depot in the West Jerusalem area of Har Hotzfim late Sunday night.