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December, 2013 Dear Christian Heritage Family, On October 8th at in the morning, the Lord blessed Mary and I with our ninth grandchild, Caleb Valor Beroth.

I had gone to bed the night before, the phone within arm’s reach, praying and eagerly awaiting the all-important call from Texas.

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They are unique, extraordinary, and cannot be confused with any other nation in the world. Nikolaev, Ukraine Ro5r "I am looking for a man with a kind soul and brave, manly character, polite and reliable.

The new (Yes, dating as we know it has only been around for a few decades, in which time, by the way, the divorce rate has sky-rocketed.

The technology evolution has driven massive change throughout society for more than 40 years now.

Enabling worldwide paradigm shifts to occur where many thought they couldn't, such as in science, healthcare, finance, transportation, lodging, and yes… Many of the changes technology has brought us have led to significant efficiencies and cost...

The possible connection is noteworthy.) recreational activity of “girlfriend and boyfriend” at young ages, with no intent of marriage is one of the craziest experiments in human history, has had some of the most detrimental consequences, and YET, the majority of parents allow it–no encourage it, with hardly any thought to the aforementioned pitfalls.